At North Lanarkshire Council, in order to improve accessibility and participation in the local democratic process, we have introduced webcasting. Initially this will be for meetings of the Council but following a trial period, webcasting will then be rolled out across all meetings held within the Council Chamber.


How to use this site

Webcasts are displayed on the right of this page. To view the webcast, click on the title and the clip will begin playing automatically. You can access previous webcasts by clicking on the webcast library link above or using the search box.


Agendas and Reports

You will be able to view the agenda and associated reports as you watch the webcast. Alternatively, agendas and reports for each meeting can be viewed on our website at https://mars.northlanarkshire.gov.uk/egenda/public/kab71.pl


Having Problems Viewing?

If you are having problems viewing our webcast you can use the help pages to find out more about webcasting, how it works, and what you will need to watch the service.

Webcast overview 

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Recent Webcasts

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